Campaigns | Create a New Campaign Follow

To begin managing your email campaigns, click Campaigns at the top of the page.

Create a new email campaign by clicking Create from the My Campaigns screen then by selecting which campaign type you want to create. You can choose between Send an Email and Automate Your Emails.


Send An Email

Once you choose Send an Email, you'll be taken to a page to choose a template.

Use the search field to narrow down to specific template themes, like "holiday."

Click Preview to see how your email template will look in a desktop computer browser or a mobile browser.

On the preview page you can use the bottom Previous and Next buttons to navigate through previews of each template. Click Select template if you are satisfied with your choice. Remember, you can make more customizations later.


Design Campaign and Add Content


Use the design blocks on the left column to add content to your email campaign. The template will already contain blocks to get you started.

Click default title or paragraph text to begin typing in your own. If you want to change font type, style (bold, italic), text size and add hyperlinks, be sure to highlight the text you want to apply your formatting to.

Click image placeholder and Insert Image to add your own images.

Your library will contain images you have used previously.

Click Stock Image Gallery to choose from available stock images or Upload File to add an image from your computer.

For a closer looks at blocks and customization, click here.