Color Sets Follow

To change the colors for your site, go to Edit Theme > Colors Sets and choose a color set. The Builder uses color sets to ensure your theme colors are consistent throughout your entire site. To add your own set, click create a customized color set.


When you create a custom color set, you can choose from popular colors or use a picker to create a custom color.

Sets consist of three colors: a primary color, a button color and an accent color.

You can make additional color customizations for text and some block elements

To change block background color, click the Settings (gear) button at the top of the block to select from theme default colors or to add a new color.

To change text color, click and highlight the text you want to change, then the color wheel icon that appears in the text formatting bar. Select from theme default colors or add a new color. When adding a new color, be sure to click Apply Color.

NOTE: If your template was designed to match a business card, a "recommended" color set will appear under your current selection.