Backgrounds Follow

You can change the background of a single block or your entire website. 

Block Backgrounds


Hover on your block and click Edit Block Background. This gives you the option to use color, an image or the default site color as the background for the selected block.


Click Color to set the block color. Available colors are based on your theme default plus an additional custom color.

Click here for more on color sets and custom colors.

If you want your block background to be a solid color, set the transparency slider to 0% (far left). To make the block completely transparent, set it to 100% (far right). For example:


Making your block completely transparent will show the background applied to your site.



Choose Image to set the block background image.


Change Image

To select or switch to a different image, click Change Image to launch the image editor. You can choose from stock images, previously-uploaded images or upload a new image file.

Crop Image

To crop the selected image click Crop Image.


Here, you can resize, rotate, or flip your image horizontally. Click the check mark to commit to your changes, or click the x to start again.

Image Style


The Image Style menu allows you to apply any of the following behaviors to your background image:

Cover (fill block)


Titled (repeat image)


Contain (fit image to block with no crop)


Parallax Scrolling

Turn on Parallax Scrolling if you want your block text to scroll independently of the background image.

Color Overlay and Transparency


These settings allow you to add color to your background image. Available colors are based on your theme default plus an additional custom color.

Click here for more on color sets and custom colors.

Use the Transparency slider to adjust the opacity of a selected color against your image background. The following examples show color at 15% transparency, 50% transparency and 100% transparency.


Site Background

When you select Site Background, you block background defaults to the theme default. To change the theme default, click  Edit Your Site Background. Alternatively, you can select Edit Theme > Theme Background from the main menu.


Here, you can set a background color (theme default or custom), apply a gradient to the selected color or add a background image. NOTE: Background colors and images will not display if you have chosen a Full Span layout. More . . .