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Blocks with videos are primarily located in Photos & Videos.


To add a block with a single video, drag the Video block into place and double-click the placeholder to customize.


Video blocks use YouTube or Vimeo links. Any videos you use must be hosted on those services prior to using Video blocks.

To retrieve the video URL, go the video page and copy the URL from your browser's address bar.


Paste that address in the builder's video settings under "YouTube or Vimeo URL." Check Show Titles to have the video title appear when a visitor plays it. Check Show Controls to allow visitors to control the video as they watch.

Click Done to save your changes.



Other Video Blocks


To combine video and text on the same line, use the Paragraph & Video block. Text can be edited and customized the same as with any text block.

For video columns, use the 2 Column Video block. Add rows by hovering on the block and clicking the green plus (+) sign.


To delete rows, hover on the row you wish to delete and click the red x sign.


You can also hide title and text by hovering on the element and clicking the orange x.


Recover hidden elements by clicking the Edit Block Settings gear at the top of the block and Restore Hidden Items.