Share PDFs and Other Documents Follow

You have two options for sharing .pdf files on your website.

Link directly to a file:

  1. Create a hyperlink by highlighting the text you want to link.
  2. Click the link button in the formatting toolbar.
  3. In the "change link" window, click the File tab to link to a file you have previously uploaded or click Upload File to add a new one.
  4. Click Insert Link when you're done.

This method will allow your visitors to click the hyperlink to display or download the file in their browser, depending on the file type. If your visitor right-clicks the link, they will have the option to save (download) the file to their own computer.


Display a .pdf:

If you simply want to display pdf files, you can use Scribd as an alternative embed option for on-site document viewing. With this method, you will be uploading files directly to your Scribd account and using our HTML module to display the pdf on your site. To learn more about Scribd’s Alternative Embed Option click here.