Images Follow

You can add images to a page using the image module or the image & text module. You can also create Slideshows using the Webs SiteBuilder.

Click through each topic for more information on how to add images to your website, as well as helpful tips on protecting and managing your images.

Add the Image Module

Step 1: Add the image module by selecting it from the dock at the bottom of the Builder under the General tab and dragging it into place on your page.

Step 2: Once the module is in place, double-click the placeholder to add your image.


Step 3: Select an image using one of the following options:

  • My Images: Select from images you’ve already uploaded
  • Free Images: Choose from Flickr images
  • Image URL: Link to an image file using the complete file address


Step 4: Once you’ve selected your image, click Insert Image.

Scale, Rotate & Resize Your Image

You can scale and resize the image using the handles and controls that appear within the image editor. With the image editor you can:

  • use the handles on the corners and sides of the image to resize
  • zoom in and out using the slider at the bottom of the image editor
  • use your mouse to adjust the position of the image inside of the frame
  • rotate images clockwise 90/180/270 degrees

The editor is intuitive enough to maintain the correct aspect ratio so that an image is never stretched out of proportion.

Format Your image

While you’re working with the image module, a formatting toolbar will appear at the top of the Builder. From the formatting toolbar, you can perform four functions:

  • change image: replace the selected image
  • frame: add a decorative frame around your image
  • alignment buttons: align image left, right and center
  • link: link images
Link an image

If you decide to create a link with your image, you have five linking options:

  • My Pages: create an easy link to one of your site’s pages
  • Webpage: link to an external website
  • Email: create a link to an email address
  • File: link to one of your site’s files
  • Lightbox: create an enhanced link to a fullscreen version of the image as well as add a caption
Use the Image & Text Module

To place an image on the same line as text, or wrap text around an image, use the image & text module. The formatting options for the image & text module are the same as when working with the image module and text module separately.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with the image & text module:

  • Click the text portion to launch the formatting toolbar for text. Click the image portion to launch the formatting toolbar for an image.
  • The image will default to the right of your text but you can use the alignment buttons in the formatting toolbar to align the image to the left or the center.
  • As you resize your image using the handles, the text portion will adjust to fit accordingly.