Buttons Follow

Buttons allow you to create calls-to-action for your visitor, i.e. "click here" or "buy now," and are a large part of the Services combo module.

Formatting toolbar for Button module:

  • Link: Link to internal pages (other pages on your website), external pages, an email address or directly to a file.
  • Font size: Choose between 8-72 point font for your button
  • Background color: The color of your button. When you first drag your module into place it will be the theme default color.
  • Icon picker: Add a decorative symbol to your button. See below for more on icons.
  • Alignment: Align your button left, right or center within the module
  • Style: Bold, italic, or underline your button text
  • Text color: It is recommended that you choose a color that contrasts nicely with the button color if you are not sticking with the default color

The Button module is located under the "Popular" tab at the bottom of the Builder.