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A Web Form is often used on a "Contact Us" page. It allows your visitors to contact you through a structured form that will send you response notifications from visitors that have used it to reach you. You can create a contact form by adding the form module to a page. (This module is already included on the pre-formatted "Contact" and "Testimonials" page types when you create a new page.)

TIP: Use the Contact Form module along with the Contact combo module (located under the "Combos" tab) in order to create a full-featured Contact Page.

Click through each topic for more information on how to create contact forms and retrieve form submissions:

Add the Web Form

If you don’t have a "contact" page, or wish to add a contact form to an existing page here’s how:

Step 1: Add the module by selecting it from the General tab at the button of the Builder and dragging it to an empty area on the page.

Step 2: Once the module is in place, you’re ready to begin editing the form. Click the edit form button that appears in the formatting toolbar at the top of the builder.

This will bring up the “Edit Contact Form” page, where you can adjust the look and behavior of your contact form.

Form Editor

From the Form Editor tab you can change the fields that appear on your form. As you make changes, the preview pane to the right will update to reflect your edits.

Each form item has three actions: move, edit and delete. Click add another field to add a new form item.

Here, you can set the form label as well as define the type of form element via dropdown:

  • Text: enter short text like a name
  • Email: enter email address
  • Message: enter long text
  • Checkbox: select multiple options
  • Radio: select one option from many
  • Dropdown: select one option from many

Additional options will appear according to what type of form element you chose.

NOTE: If you are unable to publish your contact form, you may have created a form label that is asking for sensitive personal information, which is not permitted.
Form Settings

From the “Settings” tab you can adjust three things:

  • Label Position: controls how the form labels appear relative to form fields (top or left)
  • Form submissions will be mailed to: By default this is the email address you provided when signing up for your Vistaprint account. You can change this to another address by clicking the edit (pencil) icon. If an address is not defined you will not be able to retrieve messages by email.
  • Confirmation Message: is what appears to your visitor once they have submitted a form
Retrieve Form Messages from your Dashboard

If you want to retrieve messages via your Dashboard, click Dashboard, then Manage Forms. This will take you to the Form Submission page where you can:

  • View a list of messages sent via your form module
  • Toggle between message lists if you have more than one form module on your website
  • Export form messages to a .csv file
  • Change the form submission email address
Retrieve Form Messages via Email

The subject line of form responses will read "Custom Form Submission" and will come from Be sure to add to your address book to ensure that form notifications are being received.

By default, form response notification emails are sent to the email address you provided when setting up your Vistaprint account. You can change this on the Form Submissions page.