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To add new people to your Contacts:

Click Contacts at the top of your page and Add Contacts.

You'll have the option to add a single contact or add multiple contacts by pasting a list of email addresses or uploading a file.

Add Single Contact

To add a single contact, click Type in one contact.

Fill out the form with first and last name, additional email addresses, phone number and notes.

Tags help you organize your contacts, making them easy to find and communicate with. Tags are private to your account and are not seen by your customers.

When adding a new contact you will have to define a distribution list under "Email Lists." If you don't have any lists, click the plus sign (+) to add a new one.

Under "Additional Contact Fields" you add more information fields like website, physical address, birthday and more. Click Add when you're done selecting to begin filling them out.

Click Save on when you're done adding information for your contact. If you want to immediately add another, select Add Another before clicking Save so you are sent to a new empty contact page.


Add Multiple Contacts

To add multiple contacts, select Type in or paste contacts.

Under the Enter contact details tab you can add multiple contacts with their first/last name and email address along with additional fields like social profile, which can choose from the dropdown menu by clicking Select.

If you have more entries to add, click Add 10 more rows at the bottom of the page.

Click Continue when you are done adding entries.

On the next page, add your contacts to email lists and add tags for your contacts. Remember, every contact must be associated with an email list.

When you are done, click Import. New contacts will be added to your list on the Contact Management page.

Alternatively, you can begin adding new contacts from the Paste names & email tab. With this option, you can paste a list of names and email addresses or type them manually.


Add via File Upload

Format a File to Import Contact Lists

Before uploading a list of contacts it is important that you ensure your file is properly formatted for import by using a supported file type and organizing the information.

Supported File Types

List Of File Types Ext.
Microsoft Excel File format .XLS
Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet File .XLSX
Comma Separated Values File .CSV
Virtual Contact File .VCF
Text file (File format genre) .TXT

Formatting your information

To make sure the contact information imports correctly customers will need to:

  • Use column headings - When you have them, it makes it easier for our system to automatically put your information into the right fields. If you don't use them, you'll need to label the data later.
  • Avoid hidden fields - Hidden fields in your spreadsheet can cause errors when we try to process the information. Show all fields, or delete the fields you don't want imported.
  • Put something in the first row - Make sure that the first row of your spreadsheet or file isn't left blank.
  • Don't use multiple worksheets - If you've got information on multiple worksheets (or tabs), make sure you consolidate it into the first worksheet and delete the extras.


Spreadsheets (.XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, .VCF)

One contact per row. Examples_Format_a_File_to_Import_Contact_Lists1.png

Each column with one single type of information.

First Name and Last Name in separate columns.


Text Files (TXT)

Each contact on its own row Formatting_txt2__1_.png

Information needs to be separated by tabs.

Naming Your File

These special characters can prevent your file from importing.

  • -
  • ~
  • !
  • &
  • %
  • $
  • #
  • *
  • ( )
  • Spaces

These special characters can prevent your file from importing. You can use "_" to mark dates or spread out words if you need to.

To add contacts via .csv, .txt or .xls file, click Upload from file.

Click Choose File from the Upload to select a file from your computer.

After your file has uploaded you'll see a preview of your contacts with their information divided into columns. The preview allows you to make sure your information is correct and to name fields with missing labels or delete fields you do not wish to import. Click here for more on missing field names.

Click here for help resolving import errors.


Click Next to proceed to the adding your new contacts to a list or tagging your contacts before clicking Upload.

Once the final upload is complete you'll be taken to an Activity page that shows how many new contacts have been imported.


You can update contact information at any time by clicking their name from the Contacts page.

Click here for instructions to delete contacts.