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CSV Import Errors

In some cases you may encounter an import error ("CSV import error. Rows have inconsistent number of columns") when using a .csv file to import a group of contacts. This can usually be solved by converting the .csv file into a .xlsx file.

To quickly achieve this, especially if you don't have a program like MS Excel is to use Google Drive.

  1. Log into Drive with your Google account at
  2. Click New from the upper-left and select File Upload.
  3. Upload your .csv file from your computer.
  4. Once the upload is complete, click the file name under the "upload complete, then click Open with Google Sheets.
  5. Optional: Rename the file by double-clicking "contacts.csv" at the top and deleting ".csv". This will prevent your file from being named "contacts.csv.xlsx" after conversion.
  6. Click File > Download as > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

Your new .xlsx file is what you will use when importing on the "Upload" page.

Duplicate Field Names 

Columns FF and QQQ have duplicate field names. Please change one or more of the field names to continue.


If you have received an error that columns have duplicate field names (this can happen sometimes if your have imported from providers like Gmail), you will not be able to proceed to the next page until the error is corrected.

In this example, two columns have been imported with the label "Country."

Use the bottom horizontal scrollbar to locate one of the duplicate columns, which is highlighted in red.

Click the field name at the top to launch the dropdown and select Create new custom field.

Rename your field and click Create.

Now you will be able to proceed from the "Upload from file page" by clicking Next.