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What is your SPAM policy?

We have a no tolerance policy. Please read our Terms Of Service for additional details.

Can my email marketing campaigns match my business cards or website?

Yes! Many of our Email Marketing templates have been designed to match our business cards and websites. So, for almost any business card or website you purchase, we can provide you with an Email Marketing template that will give you a professional and consistent brand image. Once you’ve selected a matching design, use our free Email Builder to customize your campaign to reflect your business identity. You can also keep campaigns fresh for your customers. Our design tools let you create custom campaigns with ease so you can vary your message seasonally, send promotions or create online versions of your postcards.

Why can’t I use email marketing with my existing email client?

Two of the most important parts of email marketing are deliverability and measurable results. Email marketing regulations can make it hard for an individual to deliver emails to a contact list. We have the relationships in place to ensure that you will experience superior deliverability. If you use your current email client, not only will you struggle with deliverability due to SPAM blockers and junk filters, but you will also have no visibility into how your emails are performing. Our powerful and easy-to-use reporting tools allow you to track the performance of each campaign, so you can refine your approach and improve your return on investment. In addition, our Email Builder allows you to build professional quality campaigns which can be delivered easily through our intuitive contact management tools.