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Oftentimes we’re asked how small businesses can best gather email addresses and other personal information from customers if they have a physical storefront, or aren’t getting a lot of traffic yet to their website.

The answer is simple, put out a sign-up sheet in your store or wherever you do business that will encourage customers to add their email and receive information from you. A good way to get customers to sign up is to give them an incentive. Call out that this email list will allow them to get special offers and deals, or offer them 5% off their immediate purchase (as they’re checking out) just by signing up. You worked hard to get people to come to your store and interact with you, make sure you’re able to continue to talk to and market to them in the future.

Position the forms next to your register, place them on your counter, or hang them on the door- and they’re the lightest item you’ll bring with you to fairs or events. Upload your new contacts into your Email Marketing list for templated emails to keep folks involved with what you’re doing and returning to your website for future business with updates, newsletters, and promotions.

Look for the forms in your Email Marketing Dashboard, under Market Yourself or Build Your List. Once you’ve created yours, save it to your dashboard for later use, print in PDF format, or download to save to your home computer. Check out the one I started customizing below. Also, try our web forms for your Vistaprint or non-Vistaprint website.