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Mailing frequency is dependent on the use of each mailing, however, there are some general best practices to follow. For example, get into the habit of sending out similar campaigns on a regular pattern. If you have a monthly e-newsletter, choose a day (i.e. the 1st) and then continue to send this e-newsletter on the 1st of each month. This way, your customers will become accustomed to the timing of your mailings, which can boost response rates. Don’t worry if you miss this date from time to time, simply use it as a general guideline. Also, remember that even if you have a monthly newsletter, you can send additional campaigns off-cycle as you develop relevant content that can stand alone.

Although email marketing is extremely effective, it’s not something that you should force upon customers on a daily basis. Although it can differ by company type, email marketing campaigns should typically not exceed once per week. Although you don’t want to be disruptive, be careful not to lose your connection with customers. Reach out to them at least once per month. When you send emails, it’s important that they contain interesting information, or content for your customers – this way they’ll be more receptive. With our great tracking and reporting tools you’ll be able to easily monitor what is working.

Also, remember that seasonal cycles, holidays, and other key moments in time can allow for specific campaigns such as a holiday greeting or a summer sale.