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Can I get an email address that matches my website domain name?

Yes, you can create an email address that matches your website domain as long as it is available. If an email address that you would like to use is unavailable, we will suggest alternative options to help you find an email address quickly.

How do I update my mailbox name?

To edit your mailbox name, you’ll need to update your setting identities using the Vistaprint WebMail client:

  1. Access your webmail.
  2. On the left sidebar click Settings.
  3. Click on Identities under the settings tab.
  4. Select the email address.
  5. Add or edit Display Name.
  6. Click Save.

How do I find my IPS tag for my UK domain name?

When transferring UK domain names, such as, to another registrar, you are required to change the IPS Tag (also shown as IPSTAG). The IPS Tag is used to identify the company responsible for the UK domain. The IPS Tag change has to be made through the current domain registration provider. If customers cannot get the IPS Tag from the current provider they can look it up at