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To quickly add an About page to your site, go to Edit Pages > Add Page > About. You can keep the default page name of "About" or type a custom name. Click Done. Now you have an About page with an Image, Title & Text block to get you started.

 Figuring out what to put on your About page may seem intimidating at first. Here are some suggestions:

  • Provide a summary of what you are offering. It may be obvious what your business is all about once a visitor comes to your site, but adding your personal perspective is essential to building trust.
  • Add in some details about your company's history and why you decided to provide this product/service.
  • Contact information. This can be an email address, telephone number, or contact form. It may not be necessary to create a separate Contact page if you can add contact information to an About page.
  • Make sure your writing is engaging, free of errors and gives your customers a good idea of what to expect from your product or service.

Remember, About pages are also good for SEO!

Check your About page every few months to look for opportunities to update your information, especially if

  • your business model has changed
  • you earned positive testimonials or other good press
  • you won an award

Technically, there is no "right" way to create an About page. Just make sure it's informative, welcoming, and builds trust with potential customers.