Matching Website to Print Materials Follow

If you have previously purchased a print product from Vistaprint, such as business cards, flyers or other marketing materials, you can easily locate logos and other images you have uploaded - as well as Vistaprint library images used in the template - under the "My Images" tab when customizing image blocks in the Builder.


NOTE: If you are using matching templates, you can also find files you have used for print from the Vistaprint image library under My Images.

Additional Matching Tips

  • Add a previously-used print image to your site's background by going to Edit Style > Page Style and selecting Fixed Width. Click Add Background Image to launch the image editor. Select a file you previously used for print. Just as with image blocks you have the option to crop and rotate. Click Save Changes when you are done.
  • Upload an image to to generate color codes for your theme. Just go to Edit Theme > Color Sets > Custom Set > Custom Color in the Builder and type or paste the codes you want to use.