Saving, Publishing and Un-Publishing Follow


Edits are automatically saved every few seconds.

If you want to ensure your work is saved by saving manually, hover on the saved status in the lower-right corner of the Builder and click Save now.

Clicking Publish will save and publish any new changes.


Once you are done building or editing your site, click Publish in the upper-right of the Builder to view changes on your live website. Please note: if this is your first time publishing you may see a Done button that becomes Publish after your first click.

Once your site is published you can:

  • Continue making and edits (You are encouraged to update your site every so often to keep it fresh, especially if you have news or new products to share with your audience)
  • Publicize and promote your site by adding the URL to your business cards and your email signatures, as well as on social media
  • Optimize your site for search engines

Revert to Published

The option to Revert To Published is accessible from the "Page Settings" menu.

With Revert to Published, a you can change the content of your a page to the previously published version.
IMPORTANT: The Revert to Published feature does NOT affect the header or the theme. This is because the header and themes are global (present on every page of your site) while Revert To Published will only affect content that is specific to that page.


Trouble Finding My Site Online

There are a few reasons you cannot find your site online:
  • You are not typing in the correct site address. Make sure you are typing in your correct site URL, correctly formatted and without any misspellings. Your correct website URL is displayed on Website Dashboard from My Services.
  • If you are using a custom domain name it needs to be set as your primary web address. Even if you've added a custom domain name to your account that does not mean it is activated.
  • If you are looking for your site in a search engine, such as Google, please note that sites don't immediately show in search engines.
  • You did not publish your site. You exited the Builder before clicking the Publish/Done button.


To un-publish your website, click the Settings (gear) button in the upper-right and select Unpublish Website. Now, the next time you want to publish your site, you will see a Done button.