Add a Favicon Follow

Many websites have a unique icon that appears in the address bar or browser tab. This is called a favicon. Favicons will also show up in your Bookmarks or Favorites folder when a page is bookmarked, hence the term FAVicon.

Favicons can be displayed on Vistaprint websites with a custom domain.

Once you have your domain name set up, you will need to make your favicon. A Favicon file has a special image file type (.ico or .png) and is usually only 16 by 16 pixels in size. You will need to make sure you save the file as favicon.ico using a favicon editor. There are many online favicon editors available--just do a quick Internet search. is one such editor.

Once you have made your favicon, you need to save it as "favicon.ico or favicon.png."

NOTE: If your favicon is not named favicon and does not have the .ico or .png file extension it will not work.

To make the favicon part of your site, you will need to upload it through the link editor of the Builder.

Highlight some text in a title or paragraph module and click the Link button in the formatting toolbar.

In the Change Link popover click Upload File to upload your .ico or .png file.

Once the file is uploaded, it is not necessary to proceed with the link creation process. Click Remove in the Go To Link popover once you return to the Builder.

After uploading your file, it can take up to 24 hours for it to appear in browsers.