Add Professional Design Touches Follow

You are not only limited to adding text, images and changing your theme to customize your site. There are number of features in the Sitebuilder that you may not have known were available. In this article we will take a closer look at spacers, dividers, icons and the lightbox.


Sometimes you need some extra space between modules. By default, when you add a new module beneath an existing one, they will be flush against each other. The Spacer module adds additional space between vertically-stacked modules as needed. Other than increasing the height of your spacer, there are no customization options for spacers.

The Spacer module is located under the "Structure" tab at the bottom of the Builder.


The Divider module is a way to add a decorative border between modules. Once you drag the divider module into place, you can use the toolbar to switch the style of divider you want to use. Use the Advanced menu to adjust the margin, width and position of the divider. Like Spacers, Dividers are horizontal.

The Divider module is located under the "Structure" tab at the bottom of the Builder.


Icons are ornaments or symbols that can be added to titles and buttons as a visual cue or fun design element.

When you are working in the Title or Button module, the symbol icon appears in the formatting toolbar next to the font size dropdown.

There are five icon groups - Boolean, Classy, Fatcow, Fugue and Rocky. Each group has a distinct style. Choose icons based on specific calls-to-action. For example:

In the above image are two button examples and two title examples. It is recommended that you keep styles consistent throughout your page or the entire site, especially if the style is a good fit for the theme you've chosen.


A "lightbox" is an enhanced link to a fullscreen version of a image.

Use the Image module to add an image to your page.

Click Link in the formatting toolbar to open the "Change Link" pop-up.

Click the lightbox tab and check "Enable Lightbox." You also have the option of entering a caption.
Click Insert Link and publish your changes.