Mobile Landing Page Follow

If Mobile is included as part of your website package, a "Mobile Website" option appears under your Website tab on the left column of your Websites Dashboard. Click Mobile Website to begin editing your Mobile Landing Page.
Content & Banner
By default, the items that appear on your Landing Page are the same links in your navigation menu for the desktop version of your website. You can begin customizing this by adding elements from the Content section of the Landing Page tab.
Your elements will appear above your navigation in the published mobile version.
if you have a Carousel on your website, it will automatically be converted to a mobile version. You can activate/deactivate or edit your Mobile Landing Page Carousel under the Banner tab.
Theme & Header
Under the Theme tab you have three choices - Light, Dark and Match My Site. Match My Site works when you are using theme that is already compatible with mobile. With this option selected, your mobile site's color scheme will update to match the color scheme of your desktop site.
You can also choose to display header elements under the Header tab. The logo, site title and tagline from the desktop version of your site can be displayed by checking the boxes. If you want to save space on the mobile version by hiding those elements, leave those boxes unchecked.
Be sure to turn Enable Mobile Landing Page to ON so that the mobile version of your page appears when someone visits from a mobile device. Once all changes are made, click Publish Mobile Website.