Campaigns | Customization & Design Blocks Follow

After you have selected a template for your new email campaign, you'll have a number of options to customize your design.

  1. Rename your campaign
  2. Edit "from" and "subject" fields
  3. Add content blocks
  4. Add images
  5. Customize Design
  6. Edit text and images
  7. Delete, move or copy layouts
  8. Edit footer

Rename your Campaign

Click the pen icon near your default campaign name on the upper-right to rename your campaign. Once you have a new name click Save.

Edit From and Subject Fields

Above your design template are your from and subject fields. Click this section to begin filling in your custom information.

For your "from" email address, you may choose an email address different from what you want your customers to reply-to. If that is the case, un-check the box for Use From Email as the Reply email address. For both email addresses, you will have to click Verify Email to confirm the addresses you are using are valid.

Your "preheader" is text that appears immediately after the subject line in most email clients. This text is used to entice your customers into opening the email.

Add Content Blocks

Content blocks are located on the left column under the Build tab. Use them to add text, images, buttons and videos, as well as design elements like dividers and spacers. Click More for more dynamic content like payments, coupons, and bookings.

Under your regular content blocks are "Layouts." Layouts are combinations of image and text.

Add Images

Images that you have used in your image blocks appear under the Image tab. You can also add images from the tab by clicking Upload and uploading images from your computer or using stock images.

If you want to add an image from the image tab, you can just drag it onto your workspace, without using a block.

 Customize design

Click the Design tab to modify backgrounds and color styles.

Click Change Pattern to choose from available background textures.

Default colors are based on the theme you have selected. You can change them by clicking on the color to launch and palette with more to choose from.

Edit Text and Images

Click default title or paragraph text to begin typing in your own. If you want to change font type, style (bold, italic), text size and add hyperlinks, be sure to highlight the text you want to apply your formatting to.

You can add a Greeting Tag that will automatically insert the contact's name or Contact Details which will insert a information from a contact field like name, country, or email address.

Click image placeholder and Insert Image to add your own images.

Your library will contain images you have used previously.

Click Stock Image Gallery to choose from available stock images or Upload File to add an image from your computer.

Click the Image URL tab to link an image hosted elsewhere.

Once your image is in place you can Replace it another image from your library. You can also click Link to create a hyperlink with your image.

Click Insert once you have entered the Link URL and Done when you have finished editing your image block.

Delete, Move or Copy Layouts

Hover on any layout block and use the move icon to drag it up or down your template

Click the settings gear to launch copy and trash. Use copy to duplicate the layout and the trash icon to delete it.

Edit Footer


Click the footer at the bottom of your email to edit your organization name and physical address. These fields are required by law before sending any commercial mail.