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Monitor the success of each email campaign through detailed statistics available from your Email Marketing Dashboard. This information will help you get better insight into how many emails are sent and delivered as well as those that bounce. You will also get a clear view of your open and unsubscribe rates. Check out all of the stat components below and find out what they mean to you.


The number of sent campaigns represents the total number of active contacts that were added to the ‘To’ field of your campaign in the Email Builder. If you want to increase the number of people you send to, read the Tips for Building Your Contact List article.


The number of delivered campaigns represents the number of sent emails that reached the inbox of the contacts they were sent to. This number will equal the sent emails minus the number of bounced emails.


Bounced emails are returned as undeliverable for any number of reasons. Some contacts may have a full mailbox, the contacts’ servers may not be working or the email that you sent could be categorized as spam. Vistaprint works hard to minimize bounces and sorts undeliverable contacts into a folder so you can remove them or contact your customers for their updated information.


Opens represent the percentage of delivered emails that were opened or viewed by your recipients. Open rates vary by industry, list size and other factors, but open rates over 20% are considered very successful. If some of your campaigns have higher open rates than others, try to determine what differences determined that success. Was the campaign sent to a more targeted list? Was the content cleaner or simpler? Was the subject line more intriguing?


Unsubscribes tallies the percentage of people that open your email but choose to be removed from your contact list. Don’t get discouraged with a small number of unsubscribes as some should be expected. If you follow the Tips for Building Your Contact List and make sure to email people that are interested in the content you are offering, this number should remain low.

Contact Activity

Contact Activity shows how recipients responded to your email. This view allows you to see which contacts opened or have not opened your email and the number that have unsubscribed.

Wrap Up

Email marketing, compared to many other forms of marketing, is particularly powerful due to the detailed and timely reporting associated with each email you send. With most marketing formats, you are left wondering whether it was worth all the time and money spent on the campaign because there is no clear way of measuring its success. With email marketing, you get quick feedback on who you delivered to, who opened your emails and who clicked on the links in your email. With these reports you can pinpoint the value of each campaign. This detailed level of reporting allows you to easily tweak future mailings and make small adjustments which will yield better, more accurate results over time.

If you are having trouble deciding on a design style, you can easily split your contacts into two and send one campaign to each at no additional cost. Our advanced reporting tools will allow you to compare the results of both, which will help you create successful future campaigns.