Using an Existing Domain (V3) Follow

To point a domain you already own at your Vistaprint website, use the process below.

  1. Contact your Internet Service Provider or Domain Name Registrar to point your domain name to the Vistaprint Domain Name Servers. In most cases, this can be done online.
    You will be asked to provide the Vistaprint Domain Name Server information listed here:
  2. Allow 24-48 hours for changes to your nameservers to become active.
  3. Log on to
  4. Click My Account then My Services.
  5. On the left navigation menu click Website Dashboard.
  6. On the Website Dashboard in the content area, click Domain Name Options.
  7. Click the radio button next to Use a Domain You Already Own.
  8. Enter the domain name that you currently own and would like to point at your Vistaprint website.