Create a Facebook Page Follow

If you don’t already have a Facebook page when signing up for Social Media Marketing, you can easily create one.

Remember, a Facebook page is not the same as a personal Facebook profile. Pages are usually used for commercial and branding purposes.

Click the create a new page option to begin creating your new Facebook page. If you aren't already logged into your Facebook account, you will be prompted to.

Be sure to fill in your business’s name, category, physical location (if applicable) telephone number and website if you have one. Don’t forget to add a photo!

Once you’ve created a page, you’ll be prompted to create your first post. This is a great way to test SMM tools for your Facebook page.

If you choose not to create your first post, you can decide which tool you want to create with - Posts, Cover Photo, Contests, Custom Tabs, and Facebook Ads. Or, you can go straight to your Dashboard. Your Dashboard is where you’ll be able to manage your projects and see at a glance how each one is performing.