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File Size Limits & Guidance

To ensure proper delivery of emails it is best practice to send attachments no larger than 27 MB.

The maximum size for email messages, including any attachments, is 35 MB; however, when attachments are sent over the Internet they must be MIME encoded which increases its size. Additionally, some mail servers do not accept large email messages, so if you attach a large file to your message, it may not reach its intended recipient.

Attaching a File

1. From the toolbar click the Attach icon.


2. Locate the file and click Open.

Once uploaded, the attachment will appear in the Options and attachments pane.


Inserting an Image

You can insert images in the body of your message using a URL or from your Files folder; they may be any type of image file format like .jpg, .gif, .png, etc.
When inserting an image you can specify their file sizes using the Dimensions fields.

1. Click the Insert image icon from the text editor.


2. Use one of the following option to add image

(A) Provide the image source by copying & pasting the image URL

(B) Browse & select the image from the File selection option and choose Add file.



3. Adjust the dimensions as needed.

4. Click Ok.