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You may have recently received a notice that Vistaprint is upgrading your Sitebuilder experience. This article is provided to answer any questions you may have regarding the upgrade.


What are the new benefits and how will it help me?

Our new website builder is simpler and easier to use. You’ll have the same flexibility in design as before and updating and maintaining your website will take less time and effort. You’ll also have a mobile responsive site.

Check out a video introducing our builder here.

For additional articles on how to use the builder, click here.


Will there be any point where my website is not live?

No, either your old site or your upgraded site will be live, your customers will be able to see your site throughout this whole process.

Can I request a new design if I don’t like the one you provide?

If you need help in changing anything with your design, please give us a call or visit our help desk. If you want to completely redesign your website, please check out our design services.



Will I have to pay for this upgrade?

No—this upgrade is completely free to you.

Will this change impact my current billing?

Your billing cycle and cost will not be impacted.

How will this affect my email account?

Your mailbox(es) will continue to operate as they always have. We will maintain your contacts and previous emails.

How will this affect my SEO?

This should not impact your SEO. We will maintain your URL, page names, image tags, and metadata.

Will the new website have an SSL certificate?

If your current website has SSL security, you will continue to have an SSL certificate after the upgrade.

Will my domain pointing be affected; will I have to do it again?

Your domain name will remain the same.



Can I opt out of this upgrade?

You will not be able to opt out of this upgrade. We are retiring our older website builders as part of this change and all websites must be upgraded.

I did not order a website, why am I getting this email?

Our records indicate that you currently have an active website subscription. Please contact customer care at 1-866-801-5524 if you have questions about your subscription.

I believe I should be part of the upgrade, but I haven’t heard anything.

If your site is part of the upgrade, you will be contacted in the coming months. We are upgrading our customers in waves so please stay tuned for email communication.