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Vistaprint Profiles offers space for you to link to any Virtual Services or Online Classes that you may host.


To use the Virtual Services feature in Vistaprint Profiles, toggle Available to the blue check mark, which indicates that this is available for your business.

Then enter a URL that a customer should use to access your virtual service or online class. 

You can paste in the URL for a:

  • Webex Personal Meeting Room
  • Zoom Room
  • Patreon page
  • YouTube channel
  • or any other virtual service/online class platform

For example, let’s look at Webex. If you have a Webex account, log in.


You’ll see the URL for your personal Webex room right at the top. This is what you can copy/paste into your Virtual Services page in your Vistaprint Profile.

Note that Webex auto-generates unique meeting passwords for security, so you may want to send a separate email in advance with that unique password to the customer joining your meeting.

This will link from your Vistaprint Profiles page directly to the location of your online class or virtual service.

When you are done entering your Virtual Services URL, click Publish so your latest changes go live on the web.


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