Donations (Vistaprint Profiles)Follow

Typically, donations are collected by causes, nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations. If this sounds relevant to you, use the Donations feature in Vista Profiles.

NOTE: Please comply with all local, regional, and national regulations that are applicable to your organization when collecting donations. Vistaprint also encourages you to be transparent with your donors about where the funds are going.


First, toggle the Available setting to the blue check mark, which indicates that this is available for your organization.

Then, enter a URL that a donor should use to give to your organization or cause. You can copy/paste in the URL for a:

  • Paypal page
  • GoFundMe page
  • Donors Choose project
  • or any other online charitable giving page

For example, let’s look a nonprofit organization’s Paypal page.

Casa Ruby is a youth homeless shelter and a registered nonprofit. They enable their donors to give via Paypal.


Copy the whole URL out of the address bar for this page and paste that into the Donations page in your Vistaprint Profile.

This will link from your Vistaprint Profile directly to the Paypal page where your donor can make a philanthropic gift.

When you are done entering your Donations URL, click the green Publish button so your latest changes go live on the web.