Appointment Booking (Vistaprint Profiles)Follow

Vistaprint Profiles offers space for you to link to an online Appointment Book.


To use the Appointment Booking feature in Vistaprint Profiles, please toggle the Available setting to the blue check mark, which indicates that this is available for your business.

Now. enter any URL that a customer should use to access your online appointment book. For example, you can copy/paste in the URL for your Setmore Public Appointment Booking Page, Square Appointments page, Google Calendar public link, Doodle survey, or any other online appointment booking tool.

If you don’t already have an online booking tool, Vistaprint recommends using Setmore, as they provide a free account option. For more on using Setmore, click here

NOTE: Although Vistaprint is not affiliated with Setmore, we recommend its easy-to-use service and zero cost basic subscription. You are free to use other online appointment booking service providers that offer an embed code that will work with your Vistaprint site. 

To retrieve a booking URL using Setmore:

  1. Log into your Setmore account.
  2. Navigate to Apps & Integrations in the left-hand sidebar. Your booking page will show your public Booking Page URL.
  3. You can edit this URL if you would like and can control more Booking Page settings by clicking “Configure” if you choose.
  4. Copy this Booking Page URL.
  5. Return to your Vista Profiles account and your Appointment Booking page.
  6. Paste in the Setmore Booking Page URL to the “Enter a URL” field.
  7. When you are done entering your Booking Page URL, click the green Publish button so your latest changes go live on the web.


  • For more about online appointment booking, click here.